goes to market, to market, to buy a fat pig. home again, home again, jiggety jig.

To start the launch of our new website, my very good friend Jaime decided to order a suckling pig, so we researched some places in and around Manhattan through butchers and a great known spot in the East Village for pork sandwiches “Porchetta”. They referred us to several places the best being “The Meat Hook” located in Williamsburg, BK. He ordered a pig that would come between 16-20 lbs a week in advance, when babe arrived she was 17lbs of goodness.

Gutted of its innards minus the liver and some other unidentifiable organs she was ready for prepping…Jaime took care of this before I arrived with herbs and some oils and brought her to room temperature in the shower. Once I arrived we took her to the roof to the BBQ that Adam (whos apartment we were to have the dinner party at) had bought for the building. Stretched out and tied to the spit which took us too long to even talk about sadly, being the manly men that we are and wrangling animals is in our blood. But for our first oinker, we let it slide. Finally after the unmentioned amount of time had past, she was on the spit and rotating slowly. It would take Four and a half hours for her to get to that crispy golden awesomeness we all so desire.

Battling with the rotating spit for hours on end, taking turns between 4 of us manning the station, she was done just a couple hours before midnight i’d say. Everyone mouth watering and awaiting the star of the show, we carved her up and presented her to the 12 guests that she would be feeding and in no time, all that was left was a few bones and a snout.

12 people were fed off a single pig for $160. There are no complaints about that…oh and the pig was pretty great too!! Another one is already in the works for our kick-off bash on July 3rd in The Hamptons


~ by stephentlobosco on June 12, 2010.

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