Death & Co. – NYC

15_deathandco_lgThe other week I had to drive over to Orient Point to drop off some friends of my best friend Alex so they could take the ferry back to New London. Thank god it was a beautiful day out and we all enjoyed the weather and the ferry rides and driving through the towns and wineries the entire way. 

After we dropped them off we made our voyage into Manhattan…the entire car ride we were thinking of where we could go to dinner and for a good hour could not think of anything. And at this hour it would be very difficult to get a reservation early enough to eat then drive back out to the Hamptons before it got too late. We got to my apartment at around 7:30pm in the East Village, we mulled a few more places over and decided we were close enough and had been there before, but not in about a year. Death & Co. on 6th st. between 1st and Ave A.401334017_1002d6e68e

My sister Danielle who was with us originally found out about this place a little over 2 years ago and this would be our third time visiting. You would not even know this place existed and if you did, you might miss it from the street. There is no outdoor seating, windows, balconies, not even a sign except for the subtle one laid in script within the pavement at the front door. When you approach Death and its wonderfully adorned wooden facade you feel like its the secret society of the Skull and Bones…you will find what seems like a bouncer, when really he is a maitre’ de with a list and ear piece who lets a certain amount of people in at a time, and keeps tabs on tables and the crowd at the door from outside. They don’t take reservations, only walk-ups so the idea is to go and put your name on a list, if you’re lucky enough you go right in…if not, you take a stroll or hang at a nearby bar until a table opens up.6a00d8341c68df53ef00e54f2d3cd48833-800wi 

It’s a very small establishment that has a huge list of cocktails, where they fly in high-end bartenders from all around the world for even just a night just to serve you exactly what you’re in the mood for. I very rarely drink and on this night I was driving and it would be late so I wasn’t, but the waitress got the idea and had the bartender make a concoction of  various juices and berries and it was amazing.IMG00956-20090708-2053

My friend Noel joined us, so it was the four of us in our private booth. Since it is a Tapas bar we all just ordered a bunch of platters and tasted off of each others.

We ordered our favourite…2 Truffle Macaroni: Aged cheddar and truffle bread crumbs served on handmade special Death and Co. spoons 9 to a plate. I think one of the best on the menu, a must have!

2 Seared Petite Filet Mignon: Crispy onion, Chimichurri and smoked tomato. Another hands down winner for us also.D&C_MENU2_PG1-717164

2 Seafood platters: 3 shrimp with cocktail sauce and 3 oysters on the half shell (brought in daily)

1 BBQ short ribs: that literally fell of the bone when you picked it up and was so tender with homemade barbecue sauce and finally 1 Seared Tataki Style Tuna: to a brilliant red.3670439065_e13436d2ce


The ambiance here is so amazing…its dark and secluded which makes it so much fun to have a meal in. Each table has a handmade Murano Glass Chandelier hanging over your head and the ceiling is done in a gorgeous cherry wood.  There is nothing like Death & Co. in almost anywhere, it is a very rare find and a glorious one at that. There is no disappointment here, just don’t forget it is Tapas so order enough to fill your stomach if you’re making it a meal. Picture 2


Death & Co.

433 east 6th st. NY, NY 10003



~ by stephentlobosco on July 26, 2009.

One Response to “Death & Co. – NYC”

  1. didnt know you kept a food blog. I LOVE TO EAT.

    anyway, i’ve been here! i love how exclusive you feel when you go in, mostly because you can walk by easily unless you make an effort to notice the place. lets grab a drink some time!

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