Babette’s- East Hampton, N.Y.

babettesThe other week, my good friend Alexa wanted to catch up over lunch. We were between Dockside and Tuto il Giorno both in Sag Harbor and Babette’s in Easthampton. She was thinking more on the healthy side of things, so I picked her up and we headed to Easthampton to Babette’s. 

Perched right on Newtown Lane in a very homey hamptons like building, babette’s is the perfect place for brunch and keeping it low-key. It was a tough few weeks so we were going to get a Mimosa each. Which is served with delicious fresh squeezed orange juice and separate tasting bottles of Prosecco.mimosa

I tend to stay away from the idea of healthy eating, at a young age it’s not much of a concern as of yet so I indulge in hardy meats and cheeses when I can. So Babette’s and myself were not a match made in heaven. Although the menu is filled with farm raised organic fresh fruits and veggies which is a very difficult thing to come by. And this is what makes this place such a Gem.alg_hamptons

Barbara Layton the owner herself was there to assist with the ordering, which was a real treat. main_web_babs_003nms

Alexa had ordered a salad chock full of fresh arugula and spinach with goat cheese and various nuts and beats. When combined all at once is a delectable combo of tastes all held together by the goat cheese. Wonderful

And I was leaning towards a Quesadilla…but the one listed on the menu was a BBQ Tofu Quesadilla. So I stupidly asked Barbara if I could have my Quesadilla with chicken…when she replied “why don’t you just get the barbeque Tofu?”

my response was, I’m not a fan of tofu(grinning) and she also came back with “ Well, then you’re in the wrong place” and smiled at me. Most places would kick you out, but I felt like I was truly welcomed into her establishment and was happy with how she handled it. When my order came out, sure enough it had chicken on it…and it was astounding, perfect ratio of spice to chicken and salsa, guacamole with sour cream and a salad was with it, a very fun plate for me. It’s always fun dragging your foods through the garden and trying different sauces and spices with it. Picture 2

If it was a nicer day, I would have really enjoyed sitting outside, but unfortunately we didn’t have that luxury. But I was extremely happy with our meal and it was filling enough for me to be satisfied. 

My only complaint was the price range on the menu…for the two of us it was a little steep for lunch, but all in all it was healthy and fresh and in the best place on earth with a great friend and that’s all that matters to me. 

If you’re a vegetarian or just looking for a nice cozy place for brunch,lunch or dinner…on any day of the week, Babette’s is this place, and don’t expect the huge amounts of hustle and bustle to ruin your night on this side of town.Good luck!



66 Newtown Lane, Easthampton NY 11937



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