Suki Zuki- Watermill, N.Y.

Picture 2The other week I was in Manhattan and drove back out to the Hamptons and hadn’t really  had that much to eat. So I called up my best friend Alex who would be getting off of work soon and had her meet me in Watermill between Southampton and Bridgehampton.

We both wanted sushi and most of the japanese restaurants in the Hamptons are over-priced, not the best and packed full of socialites and celebrities

So we wanted to go to Suki Zuki, one of our favourite (not just Japanese) restaurants on the Eastern End of Long Island. I got there at around 9pm on Wednesday evening and they close at 10 but I thankfully secured a table for the two of us after waiting 10 minutes. At Suki you usually want to get there on the early side, since it is such a small space and tables are limited. There are no reservations here, you merely have to walk up and put your name down if needed and take a nice stroll through the quiet town.ZUKI_OUT

The restaurant is playful and open, all the prep stations are right there for you to watch your dinner made fresh right in front of you. A small sushi bar and a Robata (Japanese open fire grill) to it’s left where the chef perfects your beef, chicken or fish to your liking.

When it came time for us to order, a menu wasn’t necessary for us. We knew exactly what we wanted.

Alex and I split what I think is hands down one of the best salads I have ever tried. The Chicken Teriyaki Salad filled with bite size chunks of chicken, lettuce, bean sprouts and crunchies with their special house dressing. Absolutely delicious especially when you drizzle some soy over the top as well.

She then ordered the Black Miso Cod not as great as Chef Nobu‘s but still very delicious and flakey… another staple on the menu to order. A Spicy Tuna Sandwichtriangular-cut sushi roll with spicy tuna, tobiko, scallion and tempura flakes with a light splash of citrus- A real show stopper.blackcod

I ordered Spicy Salmon rolls and Negihama (Yellowtail-Scallion) that are perfectly hand rolled and on the small size, the traditional japanese way… usually they are made a bit larger with more rice and they begin to crumble and become difficult to consume, this is not the proper way. And people complain when they get a small roll, but that is the proper technique.Picture 2

Then a piece of Uni Sushi ( Sea Urchin) which to me is a real delicacy and a real art to prepare. The meat from the center of the Urchin is not its Roe, like a lot of people confuse it to be. But really the inner wall of Urchins are lined with Tongues and have around 6 of these, and when they are scooped out thats what you are getting and the membranes that surround them. A really delicious and refreshing creature, salty heaven. Along with that I also got a piece of Salmon sushi that melted like butter and a piece of local Fluke, which is a white fish and the texture was a little jello-like but the taste was very full and refreshing.6a00d8341c10d353ef00e54f32a2378833-640wi

The list of great items on their menu is endless and you really must try their Robata items and Entrees that will make your mouth water endlessly, such as the Steak Saikoro and the grilled Mahi Mahi .

Suki Zuki is a great destination when in need of fresh and reasonable Sushi in the Hamptons and can’t stand the long lines to eat something that isn’t even half as delicious as here.


688 Montauk Highway

Watermill, NY 11976



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