Blue Parrot- Easthampton, N.Y.

Picture 5What do these four familiar faces have in common?

A Margartitaville in the Hamptons,thats what!

The Blue Parrot known for being a longtime local hangout hidden behind Ralph Lauren’s storefront in Easthampton had since closed down in 2006. It had the same fate as most historical Hamptons landmarks nowadays which is boarded up turned into some high end clothing boutique. But in the summer of 2008 Billionaire and Co-Owner of Revlon Ron Perelman decided he wanted his own Tex-Mex eatery where he can go and enjoy food he can eat with locals. He began networking and soon found a team to open up his dream. On the roster includes longtime friend and musician Jon Bon Jovi, actress Renee Zelwegger and Gallery/Restaurant owner Larry Gagosian.Picture 3

Wow what a team for such a small restaurant. You would think you’d be getting served endangered species on King Louis XIV Gold while being fanned by Tutankhamun‘s wives. Well  I can say they preserved this restaurant just the way it should be. The way it was. Everything was practically dusted off, cleaned up and slapped on new paint. This is exactly what The Hampton’s needed, not some extraordinary five floor pavilion with water falls. Something quiet and tucked away.75813main

The perfect opportunity to try it had come up, my very good friend Alexa performed at the legendary Stephen Talkhouse music venue in Amagansette, N.Y. in the Hamptons. It was more of a welcoming home concert since we grew up out there on Long Island. She hadn’t played a local concert since her Save Sag Harbor benefit back in Summer 08′  so it was to be a fun filled evening with tons of friends and family. Which it was, and she blew the entire crowd out of the water that night playing heart felt songs new and old and a great cover of Led Zeppelin‘s homage to Reggae D’yer Mak’er.  It was well deserved…she is truly a talented human being and a great entertainer I couldn’t ask for a better friend. After her chilling performance her mother threw a big family style feast at the Blue Parrot.Lex's Evite!!

There had to have been 30 of us in the backroom and don’t forget the restaurant only accommodates 55 people inside. Everything on the menu was practically ordered and was brought out 3 to a table at a time.

The moment we were seated pitchers of Dirty Bird Margaritas”, Mason jars and Chips were on our table with a selection of mild to hot salsa’s and guacamole and sour cream. The wait staff was very friendly towards us, and with such a big party they were very attentive to our needs.Picture 6 

They soon brought out platters of Four Cheese Quesadillas with the works.7825f

Then a batch of Grilled Chicken Quesadillas after that… awesomely prepared bite size with the works as well.

Next was Chicken Taquitos then Shrimp and Bistec Taquitos enough to feed a small army. Everything at this point was so delicious and almost overwhelming at how much food we had on our tables, it was a regular feast fit for kings with a Mexican twist. 7825d

Grilled Tuna Steaks then came out as main courses…these looked very appetizing and a perfect red, but my Mercury Poisoning and uphill battle with Tuna recently left me without a taste.

And finally platters of Filet Mignon were delivered to our tables a nice Tex-Mex equation, seared to a perfect medium rare. I took spreads of guacamole and put it right on the filet to get the real feel of Tex-Mex. 

I do have to say, they did a great job revamping this place, and the food is very delicious and perfectly proportioned for a meal with friends. The idea is to go in and order a handful of items on the menu and share family style. 

The Decor is very homey with bright colors and rustic dining tables with gorgeous vintage “Viva Zapata” Mexican posters hanging. It really is Funky as Perelman stated when he opened.

This is one restaurant to not be missed this summer, if you can I strongly advise making a trip to Easthampton for some “Killer Mexican” make sure you get there early to put your name on the list, no reservations here. Just a few days ago Bon Jovi was dining at his newfound glory and pulled a guitar off the wall and began playing some songs for lucky guests dining that night. One was “Free Bird” and he finished up with “Dead or Alive”…Now is that one hell of a dinner or what?!


The Blue Parrot

33A Main Street, Easthampton, NY 11937


Open Thursday-Sunday from noon-10pm 


~ by stephentlobosco on July 9, 2009.

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